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Welcome to Teex

We are a company with an extensive experience in international markets. Our main business is the expansion of applied technology (know-how) in emerging economies and countries under industrial development. We are able to manufacture any industrial product with the highest standard of European technology.

Our main objective is not only the transfer of technology and construction of industries, we also participate actively and financially in the sustainable development of each industry in the countries we work with constituting mix partnerships (joint ventures) with local, public or private businesses, investment funds, etc. We invest jointly in the projects and installations according to the needs of each country.

At our installations in Spain, we train and prepare technicians, theoretically and practically.

We transfer "High Tech" knowledge and the experience of our industrial group to the whole world. We guarantee success in foreign countries.

We look forward in making new associates in different regions. Therefore if you plan to invest in Europe or America, Teex can also be your financial and technological partner.

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